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Type Melee unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Unicorn
Character name Smokey
Character tier 2
Cost 50
Recharge 25 seconds
Tier 1 Basic Wolf
Tier 2 Smokey Wolf
Tier 3 Werewolf
Tier 4 Nether Wolf

The Wolf is a very fast unit. He resembles his counterpart, the unicorn, closely, with high attack, speed, and lastability.



Tier 1: He charges through the enemies while clawing them for high damage.

Tier 2: He charges with higher damage and time, but this time, when he charges forward, he turns around for double damage.

Tier 3: Special lasts more time and causes more damage. Note, he goes goes foward for a while and then runs back the other way for the remaining time. A tip is to make the wolf walk back to your castle than activate the special. He'll charge at your base, but hit the enemy even longer.

Tier 4: Special continues forward for a long time. When charging, he locks on to a single enemy and strikes him/her back and forth and when he kills, the wolf will go on the the next enemy.


  • A tier 1 Wolf
  • A tier 2 Wolf
  • A tier 3 Wolf
  • A tier 4 Wolf

A Tier 2 Wolf in the Armory

Wolf1Icon Wolf2Icon Wolf3Icon Wolf4Icon

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