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Type Mid range unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Faun
Character name Bill
Lord Vamp
Character tier 1
Cost 30
Recharge 25 seconds
Tier 1 Basic vamp
Tier 2 Hobo vamp
Tier 3 Vamp vamp

The Vamps are fast, powerful mid range units.


The tier one vamp attacks by opening his jacket and shooting a single bat at the enemy.
The tier 2, 3 and 4 vamps attack by opening their jacket and shooting two bats.


In their special, vamps turn into bats. Their attack rate gets incredibly high and they are healed a bit for each hitpoint they take from the enemy (because they get stronger drinking their blood). Bats also have a second special that always costs 15 souls. They get even faster and go to the other side of the enemy, so he has to turn around. The special lasts more when upgrading in tier but stays the same for all four tiers. Each tier has a different colored bat.


  • A tier 1 Vamp
  • A tier 2 Vamp
  • A tier 3 Vamp
  • A tier 4 Vamp
Vamp1Icon Vamp2Icon Vamp3Icon Vamp4Icon

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