I think it's time for an infobox for the campaign levels. This are my ideas for the content:

Note: I'm working on an improved version for it on the legendary Wiki. I will update it when it's finished. Btw are the units infobox updated yet?

  • Image
  • Area
  • Level type
  • Available units (colspan 2; next row: center with icons)
  • Max units (comes above the icons)
  • Guardian
  • Boss
  • Boss2
  • Mini Boss
  • Mini Boss2


1-1 · 1-2 · 1-3 · 1-4 · 1-5 · 1-6 · 1-7 · 1-8 · 1-9 · 1-10 >>
Jens Ingels/Campaign project
Sun Kigdom
Area Sun Kingdom
Level type Action
Control type None
Summoning type None
Skully, Skully Archer, Troll
Max 5 units
Knight, Elf, Unicorn, Golem, Healer, Wizard

So start making those icons ;)

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