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Type Melee unit
Class Offensive unit
Opposite hero Unicorn
Character name Spidey
Character tier 1
Unlock 2 Soulstone
Cost 40
Recharge 17 seconds
Tier 1 Spider
Tier 2 Tarantula
Tier 3 Blood Widow
Tier 4 Nether Widow

The spider is a quick melee monster. It can poison enemies. It costs 2 soulstones to summon it.



In tiers 1 and 2, it shoots a sticky web at enemies that prevents them from moving for a couple of seconds.

In tier 3, it does the same, but then rams the enemy.

In tier 4, it shoots two sticky webs and rams the enemy.

Spider Queen

The Spider Queen is a melee unit, but the special is a tier 1 non-upgraded necromancer's. You'll use it on 2 levels: one in Magma Mountain and one in Skyhaven. Its normal attack is a pretty powerful melee attack: slashing the enemy.

Atk (range) Hp (def) Spec (range) Crt Movement Speed (agility)
Normal 70 (40) 1000 (-) 50 (200) 5% 75 (0)
Note: Special cost 40 souls


  • Spideys are an alternative to Wolfy. Oddly, Spideys have faster attack speed and more HP than Wolfy yet they are cheaper at 40 gems. It is probably because it needs 2 soulstones to summon it.
  • Tarantulas have have very slow attacking speed, similar to a zombie.


  • A Tier 1 Spidey
  • A Tier 2 Spidey
  • A Tier 3 Spidey
  • A tier 4 Spidey
  • The Spider Queen
Spider Tier 1

A Tier 1 Spidey

Spidey1Icon Spidey2Icon Spidey3Icon Spidey4Icon

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