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Every hero and monster has there own unique special attack that varies or get updated on every tier. Mostly there special can cover an weakness, boosting there own function or give them powerfull new abilities.

You can list specials on 4 ways:

  • Class special: Offensive/Defensive
  • Type special: Melee, Mid range, Long range,
  • Target: Single/Multy
  • Lineradius: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Active Specials

Whirlwind Shock

Class Offensive
Type Melee
Target Multy
Lines 1

The Whirlwind shock is the special that Skullys use in battle. During this special he will twist himself to an tornado and he goes berserk hitting every units that it touch. This special is only effective in close combat and easy can hit multyplay heroes. It's a special that he easily can spam on groups, which makes it relatively dangerous and annoying when he use it.

Dual Whirlwind Shock

Class Offensive
Type Melee
Target Multy
Lines 1

Passive Specials

Combined Specials

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