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A tier 1 Phoenix
Opposite unit Dragon
First boss Ash Armor Phoenix (Tier 3, Level 5-10)
Second boss Sun Phoenix (Tier 5, Level 6-11)

The Phoenix is a flying hero and arguably the most powerful hero in the game. They're not actually too hard if you have good monsters. They only appear as bosses, in levels 5-1 and 5-3 (tier 1), 5-4 (tier 2), 5-10 (tier 3), Sky (tier 4), 6-11 (tier 5).


They have high hp and high attack like the dragon, but a phoenix can be overwhelmed by too many monsters.



  • The main Phoenix is called Enix. It's the legendary Phoenix who destroyed Lord Magma in the Monster Wars, and is resurrected by fusing the sunstones together.
  • The Phoenix almost never uses its special, except in 6-10.


  • A tier 1 phoenix. (Normal Phoenix)
  • A tier 2 phoenix (Bronze Armor Phoenix)
  • A tier 3 phoenix (Ash Armor Phoenix)
  • A tier 4 phoenix (Magma Phoenix)
  • A tier 5 phoenix (Sun Phoenix)

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