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A tier 1 Miner
Opposite unit Gremlin miner
First boss Lemmy (Tier 2unknown, Level 4-4)

The miney is the backbone of the hero army, which in Legendary Wars serves the mining purpose. Suprisingly, the miner doesn't appear to fight in a regular battle except for two (2-9 and 4-4). It's the level where you have a limited amount of gems and you are supposed to kill the boss miner Lemmy. It mostly only appears in action levels.


Their attack is similar to the dwarves', but with a slightly higher attack rate.


Starting stats
Tier 1
Defense 10
Speed 30
Critical chance 10%
Hit points 160
Special 5
Attack 20
Soul reward 5


  • A tier 1 miney
  • Lemmy without pickax

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