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Type Melee unit
Class Defensive unit
Opposite hero Golem
Character name Goregon
Character tier 2
Cost 75
Recharge 45 seconds
Tier 1 Basic gargoyle
Tier 2 Gladiator gargoyle
Tier 3 Redrock gargoyle
Tier 4 Nether demon

Gargoyles are bulky soldiers made of rock, with a high defense and a double strike to make up for their fairly low health and attack. They are good for tanking.


In Tiers 1 and 2, it launches itself forward and curls into a ball, stunning foes and damaging them effectively. Players call it "Cannonball".

In Tier 3, it jumps and slams the ground twice, but in exchange, it has no forward motion. Players call it "Dual-Quake".

In Tier 4, it does the same as tier 3, but the earthquake is much larger. There is also a chance to smash heroes flat.


They are the most defensive units in Monster wars.

Units must be adjacent to the Gargoyle in order to take damage from their Tier 3 and 4 specials, making it not quite as effective as Trolls.


  • A tier 1 Gargoyle
  • A tier 2 Gargoyle
  • Tier 3 Gargoyle
  • A tier 4 Gargoyle
Gargoyle1Icon Gargoyle2Icon Gargoyle3Icon Gargoyle4Icon

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