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The Knight Pillar
Area Skyhaven
Level type Boss fight
Control type Normal
Summoning type Normal
All units
Max 8 units
Tier 2 Knight (Lucas the big knight )

You have to fight a tier 2 knight. Make sure to concentrate most of your attacks on the knight and this level is a piece of cake. This is because he can't attack multiple units.


  • Boss random special chance is 20%.
  • When the boss arrive he will summon 9 other units:
    • 0-4 Healers
    • 0-4 Knights
    • Other that are listed inside another PLIST.
  • Hp is 1000 (not sure what use it has yet).
  • One way you  can beat him is to make a REALLY HUGE defense and when you think it's big enough then tell them to go and attack.
  • Another strategy is to train tons of archers and then attack.
  • the tier 4 knighties are a pain in the butt so use the tier 3 archer's special to get rid of them 

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