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The Battle for Skyhaven
Area Skyhaven
Level type Six lane battle
Control type Normal
Summoning type Free
All units + 6 Catapults
Max 8 units
6 Cyclopes

In this level, you don't need to get gems. All of the monsters are smaller and don't have a health bar. You have to kill the Cyclopes and protect the Catapults. It's a good idea to send out Liches, Vamps, and Skully Archers because then the cyclopes can't kill them.


To win simply only defend 2 lines and simply kill 1 Cyclops at the time. Use trolls special on the Cyclops. It will hit all lines!!


  • Minions will remain regular size
  • Troll tier 4 special will hit all lines instant of max 3.

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